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Update : September 19, 2019
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Ilan Hills is the head of Asbuilt-DBA.


Ilan worked for Intergraph (IISDC) for 7 years.

He started to work as a second and first line support in IISDC and moved to the engineering department for consulting and services. Throughout this period, he gained comprehensive experience in working with global companies, such as Syncrude Canada, Shell UK, Bayer USA, Conoco Philip USA, Satoil Denmark, and Kellog UK.




 INtools database expert (repairing databases) as first & second line support.

§         First and second line support

§         Develop support solution

§         Fix and recover corrupted data.

§         Develop and fix SQLs for the CheckDB utility.

§         Upgrading to most recent INtools Databases  version 7 and resolve all upgrade associated issues.

§         Serving as the main project support for Syncrude Canada, as well as for several other European customers (i.e., Shell) for the last 2 – 3 years.

 These positions included the following responsibilities:

  • Recover connection data and missing data from backup database.
  • Merge and claim data in Asbuilt with ability to move data through SQLs behind the application.
  • Rename unit and data item name (device panel, device cables, wire tag signals, drawings names) per customer's request and customize the name per group of items or other logic condition.
  • Investigate and fix databases.
  • Asbuilt data migration consulting
  • Fix performance database problems.
  • Consulting related to INtools installation on Citrix.
  • Preparing the database for upgrade to version 7 from an older version.
  • Database upgrade from old version (4.1-7.0).
  • Custom report for browser module.
  • External report to manage and compare data between the project and Asbuilt.
  • Data migration from another database or source file.
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