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Update : November 15, 2019
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INtools is trademark of Intergraph corporation
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Welcome to Asbuilt - DBA Minimize
AsBuilt-DBA provides a wide range of services for INtools® (SPI®) users, including:
  • Development of support solutions
  • Fix and recovery of corrupted databases.
  • Wiring connections and missing data recovery from backup.  

(complete list of services can be viewed in the services section).

This site was designed for INtools® (SPI®) users interested in clarifying problems they have encountered and also to present solutions offered by colleagues. Comprehensive information about the application of INtools® (SPI) is presented in the forums, including in the discussion and FAQ section.

The site also provides an employment arena for both employers searching for employees and employees who seek an employment opportunity. Employers can search for staff, as they can post job advertisements, while job seekers can send their CVs directly to employers.

The forums offer an excellent networking option, including interaction between professionals in the different discussion groups where various related topics can be raised, and a FAQ section is devoted to specific professional questions about application and INtools® (SPI®) database.

The forums do not replace Intergraph support system. It's an unofficial database for INtools® (SPI®) application.


Users are also invited to participate in surveys and ask questions or give answers built on a healthy database (problems may also arise from infected database).


If this is your first visit to the site, please register now free of charge.

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INtools is trademark of Intergraph corporation
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AsBuilt-DBA provides a wide range of services for INtools® (SPI®) application:

  • INtools® (SPI®) - Support
  • Fix and recovery of corrupted databases.
  • Recovery of connections and  missing data from backup database.
  • Extended Merge and Claim of project data using external tools.
  • Extended Renaming service of major INtools® (SPI®) entities: 
    • Unit Names.
    • Device panels
    • Device cables
    • Wire tag signals.
    • Drawing names
    • Any other entity per customer's request. 
  • Extended database health checks,beyond CheckDB usage. 
  • AsBuilt data migration consulting
  • Fixing database performance issues.
  • INtools® (SPI®) over Citrix -  Installation  Consulting.
  • Preparing and upgrading any older then V7(4.1-6)to version 7 .
  • Customizing reports for the browser module.
  • Customizing external reports to manage and compare project and AsBuilt data.
  • Data migration from non INtools® (SPI®)  sources into INtools® (SPI®) .


AsBuilt-DBA goal is to provide professional  and efficient solution at a minimum customer cost based on sophisticate data manipulation.


INtools is trademark of Intergraph corporation

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