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Update : September 19, 2019
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AsBuilt-DBA provides a wide range of services for INtools® (SPI®) application:

  • INtools® (SPI®) - Support
  • Fix and recovery of corrupted databases.
  • Recovery of connections and  missing data from backup database.
  • Extended Merge and Claim of project data using external tools.
  • Extended Renaming service of major INtools® (SPI®) entities: 
    • Unit Names.
    • Device panels
    • Device cables
    • Wire tag signals.
    • Drawing names
    • Any other entity per customer's request. 
  • Extended database health checks,beyond CheckDB usage. 
  • AsBuilt data migration consulting
  • Fixing database performance issues.
  • INtools® (SPI®) over Citrix -  Installation  Consulting.
  • Preparing and upgrading any older then V7(4.1-6)to version 7 .
  • Customizing reports for the browser module.
  • Customizing external reports to manage and compare project and AsBuilt data.
  • Data migration from non INtools® (SPI®)  sources into INtools® (SPI®) .


AsBuilt-DBA goal is to provide professional  and efficient solution at a minimum customer cost based on sophisticate data manipulation.


INtools is trademark of Intergraph corporation

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